Kenneth Grönwall:
Creative/Art Director and co-owner of Dolores Creative Kingdom, Stockholm (Sweden). I love design and Internet. I like Polaroid, cakes and beer. Feed me with inspiration and coffee.

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    Photography (by Martina Matencio)

    Industry design (Ferrari 250 TR by GHG Photography

    (via tdshh)


    (via thisiscommonground) turned 5 today and I will start posting stuff soon again.

    Lego (Lego Neo Classic Space by Atana Studio

    Industry design (lamp) 

    (via cheynesaw)

    Industry design (Knife & Spork by MINIMALUX

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    Fashion design (sneakers) 

    Architecture (by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

    Gif animation (Coffee) 

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    Furniture design 

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    Street fashion 

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    Furniture design (chair) 

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    Furniture design (arm chair) 

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